Six ways to create a motivating environment for your team & encouraging the “extra step culture”


Written by : Samir H. Bata

What is it that makes one workplace environment productive, filled with energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the common purpose?

Why some work environments lead to lack of commitment, belonging, frustration and boredom

A motivating environment for people is where they are willing to work more than 100% of their capacity, at the same time enjoy what they do without any external push

A motivating environment is the environment that ignite the will to do and the passion of what we are doing

I personally enjoy what I do and this by itself creates a great momentum

It is the role of the leader to make sure that the environment is positive, and energizing

I would like to suggest six different ways to create this environment around our teams and even around our selves

  1. Link the work purpose to the personal values of your team: If people feel that what they are doing is of no value and waste of time they become demotivated and feel down. What we need to do as leaders is help team members identify the added value of what they do that leads to make a difference to others.
  2. Communicate, Listen, engage them, give performance feedback, and define your expectations from each one: Find out what is in the minds, and hearts of your people. Ask for their suggestions and opinions on their work.
  1. Give some space to your team members to work and innovate.
  • You also should avoid getting involved with every detail.
  • Show that you trust them and respect their decisions. Of course coaching and mentoring is essential to modify ideas
  1. Be fair and promote equality:
    • Fair with the treatment,
    • Fair with the payment and incentives,
    • Fair to promote high performers and positive achievements
    • Fair in eliminating low performers or those who do not want to do the work or create a negative atmosphere.
  1. Avoid routine or exaggerated policies, bureaucracy and seriousness: Add fun and excitement  to the work environment, people spend more time at work than they spend at home or with their friends so adding a touch of fun and breaking the routine will be of a great value , usually too much seriousness and bureaucracy kills people and promotes burnout.
  1. Dedicate one afternoon each week to  share with your team members readings , stories , movies or videos that boosts the moral : If you search through the internet there are lots of stories , videos , books  or even movies that will serve that purpose ( example : )

Your team members deserve an open, positive, inspiring environment to develop, stretch and grow

If we follow those six steps this will definitely move people, boost the moral and transform the workplace into an attractive, positive and energizing place to be.


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