Programs & Services

Products and services from LEADACT International provide solutions to virtually every area of concern in human resource development.

We excel in:

  • Accelerated development to give your people who are more productive faster by offering the widest range of topics in management, Leadership, coaching & development for workforce to senior leadership levels.
  • Organization performance effectivenessTo foster individual accountability and superior execution of your strategic priorities.
  • Screening and assessment, enabling you to hire the right people with a full range of validated tests and assessments.
  • Employees Opinion surveys ,  this tool is designed to obtain reliable data with which to make sound managerial decisions. The survey items were designed to provide a method to examine the commitment, ownership, pride, loyalty and satisfaction of your employees

LEADACT International is all about giving you the kind of business impact you want over the long term—what we call “realization.” The work we do together is tied to your organization’s strategies and becomes part of your business and your culture. If your business is multinational, LEADACT International has precisely the kind of global resources needed to implement your talent initiatives effectively and consistently worldwide.