Why LEADACT International

Business professionals, managers and leaders are being called upon to do more with less, keep pace with the current information explosion and technological revolution, and display breadth and depth in more areas than their predecessors ever did.

Business professionals, managers and leaders are busy, therefore finding practical on-the-job activities and advice can be difficult and time consuming.

Developing and leveraging human capital has never been more important than it is now.

Why partnering with us?

LEADACT International is an HR development and consulting firm;

We use our expertise to define measure and develop the capabilities needed to make organizations successful and prosperous through growing the talents of their people, improving customer relationships and enhancing organizational performance.

LEADACT International offers a wide range of consultancy services and training programs,

LEADACT International operates with high caliber specialized consultants.

LEADACT International provide solutions to virtually every area of concern in human resource development.

LEADACT International helps you systematically and creatively close the gap between the talent you have and the talent you need to drive future business strategies.

 LEADACT International was founded in 2005 by Samir H. Bata, who combines long term practical management and leadership experience with the highest academic achievements (PhD in HR development)


  • Understand the developmental needs through mystery shopping, interviews and focus groups to identify gaps for performance
  • Recommend specific developmental tools in order to narrow performance gaps
  • Get management approval on suggested solutions
  • Develop and custom-tailor specific practical solutions
  • Implement agreed upon programs
  • Monitor implementation, through on the job follow-up, mystery shopping and assessments


Our developmental solutions focus and distinguished experience is organized in three critical leadership performance dimensions

  • Leading self
  • Leading People
  • Leading Results